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Project Planning

My project planning includes consistent scheduling, costing and resource planning. All activities must therefore be linked and can withstand both viewing from different temporal perspectives as well as the correct representation in the case of plan deviations. I recommend and use as a tool PRIMAVERA. In my opinion, however, smaller projects can also be carried out with MS PROJECT. In case the planning of costs and resources is taken over by other systems, I create the correct interfaces. 
The tasks of a project planner include not only the work on a scheduling software, but in particular:

  • Adequate reporting to stakeholders

  • Seamless control of deviations

  • Support of the project management in keeping the basic planning as well as

  • Developing options in case of need for change

Project Management

For me the essential characteristics of good project management are the holding together of all the threads in the project, the continuous and complete processing of the achievements, the forward thinking and the interdisciplinary co-operation. I believe that adequate communication is essential if one wants to be successful. The choice of the means of communication as well as the language can decide the outcome of a dialogue. The differentiation between customers, colleagues and suppliers is important to me in this context. I offer both holistic project management for an independent project, as well as the management of subprojects within a large whole. Both the free design of an individual project as well as the handling of projects within a company structure belongs to my performance spectrum.

Interface Management

Interfaces often require the translation of requirements or language in a trans- parent sense. I use these interfaces and make sure that no gaps or overlaps lead to errors or ineffectiveness. These can be interfaces between departments or colleagues, but also to customers, suppliers or authorities. I believe that adequate communication is essential if one wants to be successful.


I like to bring my experience from various projects into a new challenge. For me, consulting means the concrete demonstration of possibilities for actions and options for further progress, as well as preparing decisions and document them adequately. The analysis of results from the past is, for me, a basic framework for meaningful decisions concerning the future.



I’ve been working for two wind parks in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea for about five years and have come to know this environment as strongly growing and changing. The offshore wind farm has recently become highly industrialized and is making itself more independent of feed-in tariffs. This development requires a rethinking away from single-cell solutions to standardized processes – a development that I like to shape and promote.


In the field of shipbuilding, I set up the project planning for a luxurious sailing yacht. The industry is characterized by closely networked activities. Interdisciplinary collaboration is enormously important in all phases of the project. Both in terms of planning as well as in execution, things strongly depend from each other and require a good overview of the big picture.

Oil and Gas

I have supported various projects in the field of oil and gas production as well as gas storage. This industry is one of the mainstays of the economy with its enormous strength. It is therefore all the more important to direct this enormous moment into the right path. Anticipation and prudent action I could learn here.


When I worked for a big rum producer as well as for a petrol station operator, I could tell how fast the world of retail is turning. The sale of products of the daily needs to the end customer requires a constant market observation, as well as a possibility of change at any time. Decision-making periods and play-backs therefore differ significantly from those of other sectors. The proximity to the end customer and the immediacy of the daily work in this industry is interesting to me.


Managing an IT project concerning the evaluation of retail business has shown me how to manage work that is not part of once own core business. An experience showing that project management always needs similar management tools.

Building Construction

The building construction is my graduated qualification and I like to use my learning within this area at any time. As part of my professional career, I have accompanied many different properties from the idea to the commissioning. The most important thing for me is the effective use of each property. For me, it is clear that each property must serve a superordinate function and is not a self-purpose.


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About me

After completing my Abitur, I first performed my community service as a paramedic at the Ammerland rescue service. Afterwards, I decided to study European Civil Engineering Management ECEM (a mixture of business studies and civil engineering) including the foreign languages English and Polish.

My first job at a Deutsche Bank subsidiary was with real estate leasing and real estate valuation. After four years of employment, I founded my own business as a project planner and project manager for various industries.

My primary goal is to offer my clients complete services and to fulfill their expectations to the highest satisfaction.

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